happy family of three is lying on the bed and only feet seen on the blanket

Anyone from babies, children, stressed out parents, hard working grown ups and the elderly can benefit from Reflexology.

Busy modern living means our bodies and minds get quickly out of balance and natural methods to bring the equilibrium back become very important so we can avoid falling into ill health.

For general maintenance and well being, it is recommended that you have a reflexology treatment once every 4 weeks. This will allow your mind and body to self heal and find balance on a regular basis, helping to keep you on track both mentally and physically.

If you are trying to address a health condition such as a digestive disorder, anxiety, headaches, hormonal issues or a chronic disorder such as ME then usually a reflexology treatment once a week is recommended for 4 - 6 weeks to build up your immune system, calm your nervous system and aid your circulation to help with symptoms.

It’s important to remember you do not need to be in poor health to benefit from reflexology, our busy 21st century lifestyles mean we could all benefit from managing our stress levels to help us maintain good health and reflexology can help.