It is a deeply relaxing foot massage working specific pressure points on the feet to calm your mind and body.

Whilst working the pressure points (often known as reflex points), the therapist can detect areas of imbalance in the body often presenting as crystal deposits on the foot. An experienced therapist aims to eliminate those imbalances by using very specific thumb and finger massage techniques to encourage the body and mind to find its natural balance again, a state often referred to in the health world as ‘homeostasis’ [definition ‘standing still’]. This is the point when the body can start to renew, repair and restart.

Our busy lives, poor diet and sedentary lifestyles can often mean we are not in this ideal ‘balanced’ state. Reflexology treatments are a wonderfully pleasurable way to help you get back there. It offers deep relaxation for the whole body, relaxing the nervous system, helping to remove toxins and boosting the blood circulation to promote good physical, emotional and mental health. If for any reason the foot cannot be used, the hand can also be treated.

Reflexologists work as complimentary therapists alongside conventional treatments. We do not diagnose or cure. The benefits of reflexology are now recognised by many medical professionals and GPs can refer patients for Reflexology as a complement to conventional medicine, although this is not yet funded by the NHS. There are many charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support and Mind which offer reflexology to help with conditions in their areas of mental health and cancer care.

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