Let’s get ready for the colder months!

Did you know that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, you’re more likely to catch a cold when the seasons change?

Winter colds and flu can seriously impact your daily life and leave you feeling run down and exhausted. Reflexology can help you to clear your sinuses, boost your immune system and support the lymphatic system as it battles to clear the infection.


If you find that your getting a runny nose or feeling congested then you can help yourself with a daily mini reflexology routine working on three important reflex points on your feet.

  1. Lung reflex point – Massage the ball of your foot (below the three middle toes) in an up and down direction for 30 to 60 seconds per foot. Alternately, you can press in with your thumbs and massage in small circles as you make your way across and down the Lung point.
  2. Sinus reflex point – Massage the tip of your big toe pad from side to side for 30 seconds per foot.
  3. Nose reflex point – Massage the outside edge of your big toe (next to the toenail) from side to side for 30 seconds per foot.

Massage these three points up to four times a day until you’re feeling better. Here’s a recommended schedule for when to practice this mini reflexology routine:

  • When you first wake up
  • Either one hour before or after lunch
  • One hour before dinner
  • Before you go to sleep

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