About Me

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Jane Cole


I am just like you. When life is a bit too busy and I’m under stress I find it hard to ‘turn off’ and relax.

Often the smallest thing can worry me, my sleep can become broken, my energy levels drop and I simply feel run down and tired.

I have always wanted to find a natural solution to cope better with stress and reduce the physical and mental effects it brings with it. Many years ago, I became very interested in the therapeutic benefits of ‘touch therapies’ such as massage to help ease stress and tension in muscles, and in 2001, I qualified as a Holistic Massage Therapist.

Not long after qualifying, I discovered Reflexology, and I was astounded at the ability that this therapy has to induce deep relaxation for not just the body but the mind as well. After a few treatments I realised I had now found the perfect natural therapy to help me re-balance myself in order to keep my mind and body performing in the best way possible. Through Reflexology I saw my sleep improve, my immune system get stronger, and my energy levels increase. It soon became my ‘go to’ treatment to maintain good mental and physical well being in my day to day life.

I couldn’t wait to find out how it worked…

I learnt that Reflexology uses very specific thumb and finger techniques on your feet to work the whole body both inside and out. It has the ability to encourage a busy mind to switch off, which then allows the body to rest, re-charge and re-new.

Now as a qualified Reflexologist with a Level 3 Diploma (Federation of Holistic Therapists) from the Brighton School of Massage, I am here to help you to take time out and ‘reboot’ yourself.

With Reflexology you can help your mind and body find a new balance so you can thrive in your daily life and not just survive.

Reboot Reflexology Room

When you walk into our Reboot Reflexology treatment room, you will be in a space where you can truly let go.  Any worries can be left at the door, this is your place to find peace and tranquility. Time for you to close your eyes, let go and feel the treatment work.

Based in the lovely village of Hurstpierpoint, you will find us just off the high street opposite the village green. Parking is available directly outside.

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