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Jane Cole


I am just like you. When life is too busy, I find it hard to ‘turn off’.

The smallest thing can worry me, sleep becomes tricky and I feel run down and tired. I wanted to find a natural, long term way to cope better with a stressful, busy lifestyle so I looked into complimentary therapies focusing on the therapeutic benefits of massage, which led me to qualify as a Holistic Massage Therapist (ITEC) in 2001.

Not long after qualifying, a fellow therapist gave me a reflexology treatment and I never looked back. I have not found another complimentary therapy that provides the mind and body with such a restorative, deep relaxation. The therapist was able to work my body inside and out and all I had to do was take my shoes and socks off! Incredible!

I found out that reflexology works to ‘reset’ you, like turning a computer on and off. This deeply effective treatment manages to switch you over into such a relaxed state that your mind and body can get back it’s natural equilibrium and balance leaving you to feel refreshed, re-energised and a great deal more at ease.

I couldn’t wait to qualify as a Reflexologist, I wanted to help others discover the huge benefits this treatment brings. Now as a therapist with a Level 3 Professional Diploma in Reflexology from the Brighton School of Massage (accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists), I would like to help you ‘reboot’ yourself. Give your mind and body a chance to get back it’s natural balance and find the way to be the ‘best you’ you can be. It’s a great feeling.